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Why Good Friday Is Bittersweet Part 3 Why Good Friday Is Bittersweet Part 3

   Discussion: Why Good Friday Is Bittersweet Part 3
Rev. Robert McConkey · 1 year, 1 month ago
     Before we continue, I would lik to point out this a continuation of part 3 of this message.  So don't get confused by the title above. I had accidently posted the beginning of it, iin what was part 2. Here, we will continue with part 3 of this message. I said before, that in order to prevent the death of an innocent man, Pilate requested that they tell him exactly what terrible crime Jesus had committed to warrant His execution by means of crucifixion. For he couldn't find anything that anything, that justify doing so. So that perhaps, all that needed to be done, was to have him punished by flogging, so as to discourage Him of His of what he believed were delusions, and that would have to suffice.      In John 19:1-4 (and this time, I am going to use the literal translation from the Greek in my Interlinear English Greek New Testament) we read, Then, therefore Pilate took Jesus and scourged Him. And the soldiers having plaited a wreath of out of thorns,put it on the head of Him, and threw around Him a garment of purple, and said, "Hail, king of the Jews, and they gave Him slaps."    I will stop here, and continue later

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