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Why Good Friday Is Bittersweet: Conclusion Why Good Friday Is Bittersweet: Conclusion

   Discussion: Why Good Friday Is Bittersweet: Conclusion
Rev. Robert McConkey · 1 year ago
   You have all heard my message from Part 1 to Part 3. The way I did it, in the form of taking you on journey through the Gospels. I did this so you all will remember, all that Jesus voluntarily endured so that humanity wouldn't have to pay the terrible debt it incurred because of the sin brought on Adam.  He fulfilled the righteous requirements, because being both fully human and God, He was without sin--He had no sin nature when He came into this world. He was able to completely live out the righteous requirements of the Law, without even breaking one commandment, fulfill and then die as a perfect sacrifice to save humanity from it sin.     Here I will give some reasons why this is so.  The first is that He was not the offspring of two human parents, who by the way had a sin nature. In Galatians 4:4-5 (And yes this time, I am going to use the very literal  Greek to English translation of my Greek English New Testament)  we read"..but when came the fullness of the time, God sent forth the Son of Him, becoming of a woman, becoming under law that those under law, that He might redeem those under law, that the adoption as son we might receive."     This Scripture points out that Jesus is God's Son, not the the biological son of Joseph, otherwise He wouldn't be able to redeem those who were under the Law (Torah), meaning His own people, and that in the future, we would be adopted into our Heavenly Father's family, and be able to say Our Father in Heaven, by living out its righteous requirements, and fulfill them.  It points out very clearly that He was also born of the virgin Mary, because a less literal translation also says, "..having come out of a woman," period. There is no mention of His birth being brought about by any contribution by Joseph "knowing" Mary.    I am going to stop here for now, and take a break.
Minister Robert McConkey · 1 year ago

 Also  in Romans 15;8 we read, "And I say, Christ has become a minister of circumcision for (the) truth of God, to confirm the promises of the fathers,and for nations to glorify God."  Here Paul points out that, that He came to the earth first, as a minister of the circumcision (meaning the Jews) to bring confirmation of the promises made to the patriarchs, through out the Old Testament, and specifically, which is yet another way, that He was able to live out and then fulfill the righteous requirements of the Torah in His earthly ministry to His own people.

 Jesus also made this clear in Matthew 15:24. But He answering said, "I was not sent. except to the lost of (the) house of Israel." This was the point of His earthly ministry--to when the time came that through His death, save His people.

 I will now stop here and continue later.


Minister Robert McConkey · 1 year ago

  This now leads us to my fourth point. That living out and fulfilling the righteous requirements of the Law, through His life and ministry to His own people, He became the perfect sacrifice first for His own people the Jews, revealed to Joseph by the angel, regarding his wife being impregnated with Him, stated in Matthew 1:20b.-21 "For that in her is begotten by (the) Holy Spirit. And she will bear a Son, and shall call His name Jesus (in Hebrew:Yeshua). For He will save the people of Him (meaning the Jews) from the sins of them."

 Later what He did, would be on our behalf, by John the Baptist in the future. For John 1:29b. we read, "Behold the Lamb Of God, taking away the sin of the world." Also more in Romans 1:16b. "for it is (the) power of God to salvation to both Jew firstly, and to Greek.  This meant He came first to save His people the Jews, and then later those of us are non-Jews, through His sacrifice in the future.

Minister Robert McConkey · 1 year ago

  Also in Hebrews 9:11-12 and 10:19-20 we read, "But Christ having appeared (as)  a High priest of the coming good things through the greater and more perfect tabernacle not made with hands, this not of this creation, not through blood of goats and of calves, but through the own blood of Him entered once for all into the Holies having found eternal redemption...Having therefore brothers confidence for the entering of the Holies by the blood of Jesus, which He consecrated for us, a way new and living through the veil, this is the flesh of Him; ."

 This points out that He became a both the perfect High Priest and sacrificial Lamb to die for first the sins of His own people, and in the future for us, once for all, and it can't be repeated again, allowing both then and us to enter into the Holies, in the presence of our Heavenly Father.

Minister Robert McConkey · 1 year ago

  Before all this Jesus pointed that His mission in His earthly ministry was to fulfill all that was written in the Torah and written in the Old Testament by the Prophets. In Matthew 5:17 we read, "Do not think, that I came to annul the Law or the prophets. I came not to annul, but to fulfill."

 This clearly points out, that He was living out, and would fulfill all the righteous requirements of the Law (Torah), in His earthly ministry to His own people, by His sacrificial and voluntary death on the cross, in order to save from their sins as the first chapter of Matthew pointed out earlier.  This is he also called them the LOST sheep of the house of Israel. And that He did. Later in the future, that salvation was given to us a free gift, without keeping the Torah, even though it wasn't annulled, at least for the Jews, because they are still under the Law, but we are not. I will get more into that in a later message.

  In conclusion, God's peace and grace be to you all.

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