Teaching Faith In Jesus And Love For All People"

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Brother Bill Mc Ginnis Pastor InternetChurchOf Christ.org

Internet Daily Chapel
Christian Worship Service

By Rev. Bill McGinnis, Pastor - InternetChurchOfChrist.org
Director - LoveAllPeople.org

"Teaching Faith In Jesus And Love For All People"

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"A Ceremony Of Submission To The Lord"


Welcome to you, in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Please also see and receive "Two Blessings For You," at http://www.internetchurchofchrist.org/twoblessingsforyou.html

1. - Invocation - Inviting The Lord To Be With Us

Holy Spirit, Lord be with us,
                 As we join to give You praise.
                 Share with us Your loving presence,
                 Fill us with Your perfect ways.

Let our love for You be pleasing, Everlasting, pure and free; Let our praise bring joy unto You, Welcome may it always be.


by Rev. Bill McGinnis, Public Domain


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2. - Opening Song


"Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus"

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"Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus"

3. - The Lord's Prayer - with Music Video and MP3 reading

4. - Declaration Of Faith: The Apostles' Creed - with MP3 reading

5. - Prayer4You - Original Prayers And Blessings For All People
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"To Those Who Feel That They Have Lost Their Way"

5a. - "The Christmas Pages At Internet Church Of Christ"


5b. - Christmas Song: "Joy To The World"

Words by Isaac Watts, music by George Frederick Handel, arranged by Lowell Mason (hymn tune ANTIOCH). MIDI file sequenced by Bill McGinnis from a published Public Domain arrangement. Everything here is Public Domain, free for all to use without restriction.

Today's Featured Segment . . .

6. - Scriptures And Teachings

"A Ceremony Of Submission To The Lord"

7. - Practical Christian Life: Day-To-Day Living With The Lord
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http://www.practicalchristianlife.com: "Day-To-Day Living With The Lord"

"How To Forgive Other People"

8. - Loving Others As Yourself

Practical methods for increasing and expressing your love for others.
" You Can Have Your Own Cellular Phone Ministry"

To learn more about Personal Ministries, please visit our website at

More about loving others as yourself at our website at => http://www.howtoloveotherpeople.com

9. - Christian Civics: "Seeking The Greatest Good For The Greatest Number, With Basic Rights For All."

"Join the Discussion: Obama's Transition Economic Team Responds"

10. - Bible Readings For This Day

"Having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the end."

11. - A Ceremony For Holy Communion http://www.internetchurchofchrist.org/pearl-holycommunion.html

You Can Receive Holy Communion Here.

12. - Invitation To Accept Jesus Christ As Your Personal Lord And Saviour

You Can Accept Jesus Here And Now.

13. - Rededicate Your Life To Jesus Christ

If you are a Christian who has fallen away from the Lord, now is the time to come back.

14. - Closing Song

"Angels From The Realms Of Glory"

15. - Benediction


Blessings to you, whoever reads this message. May you thrive and prosper in all things. May the One God, Creator of all things, and His only-begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, guide you and protect you and comfort you and love you, now and forever.


Anonymous, Public Domain


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Blessings to you in Jesus Christ our Lord.

This chapel service is now complete.

          Rev. Bill McGinnis

Pastor - http://InternetChurchOfChrist.org Director - http://LoveAllPeople.org

Lyrics by James Montgomery; music by Henry T. Smart; MIDI sequence by Bill McGinnis, based on a Public Domain arrangement; MP3 readings by Sweet-Talk Girl (TM) and TextAloud: Sam as produced by Bill McGinnis.
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