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from our sister Betty B.

January 7th was my 10th year Salvation Birthday. I've been using the same Bible for 9 Years. How used is your Bible? On the first pages and last pages of my Bible there are lot's of dates and scripture. Those we're Bible studies and readings I gave my children when they we're little..On the pages inside are tear stains and many color pencil's highlighted where I was pondering and studying. On she side of the pages are notes for scriptures, someday my kids will read and ponder I pray. One time I was going to church with my daughter and I forgot I sat my Bible on top of my car, well I drove off with it there and it fell in the road..Oh my I had to stop and get it, my papers inside we're all over the road. One man seen it fall and he helped me gather it up..God bless him. My Bible is warn, used and stained. When I try to use a differant Bible it doesn't seem the same..I'm use to my Bible cause it is torn, cried on, written in and colored in and coffee stained, there is no other way to use a Bible, just get it off the shelf and dust it off and use it, write in, pray over it even cry over it..God bless you...

How Used Is Your Bible?
From Betty B.
Jesus Is My Joy Ministries


I pray for all..please listen to the video below you will be blessed
Also I will love it if you read my testimony..God bless you the link below is my testimony

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