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poem by our late brother LeRoy Webb

In a sea of black silk, sprinkled with crystals
the moon swims gently.
An incredibly tiny man views the infinite expanse,
searching the sparkling tapestry
for reason, for purpose,
to free himself of life’s puny strife,
to soar, to accomplish, to have meaning
in his tiny life.

He sees the hand of Him who spun the silk
and set the stars,
laying the rules by which they float
in the black sea.

Majestic, Awesome, Infinite
and yet to fulfill it’s function,
the night
does not need beauty.

That beauty is a gift
for the tiny man’s eyes
telling him when he cry’s
he shall never be alone,
nor tiny and insignificant,
but is the beloved child
standing before the door
of the tapestry’s Creator.
LeRroy Webb
Copyright 1983 by LeRoy Webb

Our beloved Mike Alrady waiting for us and he is not forgotten by this ministry Amen

Thou we be dead yet shall we live forever in he arms of our Lord in the Kingdom of God.

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