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"Then Jesus said to His disciples,
'If anyone wishes to come after Me,
he must deny himself, and take up
his cross and follow Me
. For whoever
wishes to save his life will lose it;
but whoever loses his life for My sake
will find it. For what will it profit
a man if he gains the whole world
and forfeits his soul? Or what will
a man give in exchange for his soul?"

-Matthew 16:24-26 (bold mine, 
see also Mark 8:34-37
Luke 9:23-25 & John 12:24-26)

Jesus never gave the same answer
twice and yet the principle of followership, the way of salvation, 
the prerequisite of discipleship...
is the same for everybody. 
And the false religion of "Popular Christianityis no better 
(or no different for that matter) 
than any other cult that the 
"angel of light" has cooked up
for this 21st century's "age of delusion."

-pastor Brad, GTWired!, July 26, 2011

-"Deny myself. Take up my cross (see Galatians 2:20; 5:24). Follow Jesus." It's all the same thing! Following Jesus as opposed to doing my own thing and going my own way. The cult of modern "Popular Christianity" looks like this: 

I live my life pretty much like everyone
else in the world lives accept for three things.

1. I go to church occasionally. 

2. I do my own thing and go my
own way...but I ask God to bless me.

3. When I get in a bind I ask God
to get me out

-But Jesus said that serving two masters is a part of the great delusion (seeMatthew 6:24). It's either me or Him. My kingdom or His. Satan and today's false gospel say I can do both, but one's a liar and the other's a thief!

IN EVERY CASE (see Nicodemus (see John 3:1-8), the rich young ruler* (see Luke 18:18-30), the woman at the well (see John 4:7-26), the lawyer (see Luke 10:25-37), the thief on the cross (see Luke 23:39-43), when someone asked what the prerequisite was to "inherit eternal life," the answer was unique to the individual, but always the same...

"Deny yourself, take up the cross of self-denial, and follow Me."


Didn't you ever wonder about this? They guy asks Jesus, "What must I do to inherit eternal life," and Jesus says, "SELL EVERYTHING AND GIVE IT TO THE POOR!" Isn't that the wrong answer? I thought it wasn't about works? I thought it was all about grace! Wasn't Jesus supposed to say, "believe in Me," or "Recieve Me," or "Just say this simple prayer?"

No, actually, Jesus says, and the Bible clearly teaches, that it's all about "kingdoms." Mine or His. Their can't be two Kings. Either God's in charge...or I am. I can't have both. There's only one King in Heaven. Nobody and nothing else is in charge. Not money. Not you...

not even me.

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