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A Study of Universal Reconciliation of All Mankind

The All Mankind Bible Commentary:

A Study of Universal Reconciliation of All Mankind
by Ross S Marshall
520 pages

The purpose of this book is to introduce the reader to what is believed to be the original atonement teaching of first century Christianity. It has a close relationship of the two traditional modern theological positions of today, but varies greatly in the “end result” or final destiny of humanity. A thorough view of the subject is presented with sufficient scriptural quotations and detailed commentaries. Emphasis is placed upon those concepts of immediate value to the student, pastors, theologians and other persons who are dissatisfied with contemporary doctrinal creeds and who are still seeking the truth. This book brings to light the positive “good news” of the message as trumpeted by the angel of the Lord and leaves the negative verses for another time in the unveiling of Christ in these last days. Basic topics are explained sequentially and developed in order of importance. Many verses have been given under each section to show the proper understanding to each particular biblical concept. The result is a reorganization of Christian teachings and a reinterpretation of atonement doctrine in support of the universal reconciliation of all mankind and the whole of creation.


The Most Comprehensive Bible Analysis
of ALL the Positive GOOD NEWS Passages
In Support of the Salvation of ALL Human Beings.

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