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by Jimmie W. Warren

Thank you Lord for a brand new day
Thank you Lord for All your ways
Thank you Lord help me find my way
Lead me into your light morning, noon, and night

Thank you Lord show me the way
as I start this brand new day
Keep me safe and help fight
the urge to sin in this old life

Help me run the race all the way
till you call me home one fine day
let me live by your grace and light
 all through another night

And if there be no more tomorrow’s
I know for sure there will be no more sorrow's
Thank you Lord for a brand new day
to praise you God in all your ways

Lead me forth in your love from heaven above
see me through all my day’s to hear my prayers always
to praise your love from heaven above
and praise you for your great love

Lead me forth with what you gave
your sweet son from His grave
See me through all my days
hear my prayers this brand new day

For I know one day soon with you I will walk
and Today I am One Day Closer to Your Kingdom
I give you all my love,
 thank you Lord for this brand new day!


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