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Posted by: admin on Sun, Dec 19, 2010

Brother Bob Chapman

Don’t dismiss signs of wonders today!


For the last 2 months I have been ministering on a Sunday and a Tuesday in a small country town two and half hours South of my city. Generally each week I am delighted by the presence of a middle-aged Aboriginal lady named Gabriel who I first met at a revival meeting I held there three and a half years ago.


At that meeting Gabriel came forward for prayer. As she stood in front of me I told her to tell me nothing and not to point to any part of her body if she was ill with any ailment. I then laid hands on her and after a few moments the Lord revealed some things about her to me. I then said to her, “A part of your body is missing”.


Gabriel began to cry and shared that only a few weeks before she had had on operation and that one of her kidneys had been removed and that the other was only functioning at 30% capacity. She also went on to say that she had been told that she only had three and half months to live. I again laid hands on her and said, “In Jesus name live!”


A year and a half later I was holding a workshop on a Saturday in the same town and there was Gabriel. I said to her, “Gabriel, I thought you had gone to be with the Lord!” She said, “No. I guess the Lord has much more work for me to do here”. Well, for the last few weeks Gabriel has been bringing her relatives and friends along to the Tuesday meeting so they can hear about Jesus or be prayed for. God indeed had more work for her to do. May He grant her another three and half years in His service.


Disciples of Christ, nothing has changed since the resurrection, ascension, coronation of Jesus and out pouring of the Holy Spirit. The gifts and the gospel calling of God have never been revoked (Romans 11:29).


Faith and how you live in it is what matters. Theology is good, but when it negates simple faith in the working of the fullness of the Godhead in our lives (Col. 2:9-10), then we are “doing religion” in our own power rather than being simple ambassadors of Christ, fully endowed with all that is necessary to minister to a lost world.



Bob Chapman


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